11 January 2011


This video has been doing the rounds somewhat but in light of the award of the FIFA Puskas Goal of the Year to Hamit Altintop (featured on this blog post here and obviously since deleted from youtube because FIFA wanted to make some more money), we thought it time to award the TSLR Craig Davies Embarrassing Miss of the Year award to, well, the whole team featured in this video here. What makes it even more wonderful is the fact that if you squint your eyes tightly enough, it looks like Palace are the offending team. The TSLR Colin Hawkins Own Goal of the Year award has to be given to this wonderful finish here.

The next issue of the fanzine (TSLR026) is shaping up nicely for publication on Saturday at home to managerless Peterborough but it's not too late to submit your articles for consideration through the usual channels.

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