11 January 2011


We have just had our attention turned to the Crystal Girls who are the second rate cheerleaders down in Palarse scumsville and featured in this article here. As much as we like scantily clad women, the idea of enjoying watching this lot turns the stomach. The one at the front on the right not only looks like mutton dressed as lamb but also looks like a chav who would sooner steal your wallet than let you chat her up. And they don't even have a pimp like figure dressed up as a seagull. Having been up close to Gully's Girls last Saturday, we'd rather chase the scntily clad ladies in blue and white thank you. Feel free to send us any pictures of Gully's Girls to the usual address - tslr@hotmail.co.uk and they may even make TSLR026 which is, incidentally, out on Saturday.

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