10 January 2011


So Saturday was good, wasn't it? And a 'predictable upset' as one blog has put it down as this morning. There were a couple of highlights for us. Firstly, sales were great for what was the last chance to pick up TSLR025 - the Christmas issue - so thanks to all of you purchasers for that. En route to the traditional away end, we saw Gully's Girls up close and personal which was truly exciting and there was chance pre-match to strategically place the latest issue of the fanzine under the windscreen wipers of the Pompey team coach. It's not like many footballers can actually read but should there be one in the Portsmouth squad, we trust he had a jolly good read on the way home.

The west stand was actually an alright view - that was until we started attacking down the other end in the second half and then you could barely see the action. There was further exitement when the Horse (aka Fran Sandaza) hooved in yet another cup goal. Despite looking like the most ineffective striker in the league, the sand man keeps popping the ball in the net and is cementing his legendary status around TSLR Towers. One other issue of note and picked up on by the fabulous TSLR contributor The Hovian, Portsmouth fans are proper bell ends - lairing off from behind a large wall of riot police. Anyway, we beat them comfortably and, with the Watford draw in the next round coupled with the way we're playing, could we win the FA Cup?

That's all from us, we don't want to write too much hilarity on the blog when we have hard copy TSLR026 deadlines to fulfill - out, incidentally, on Saturday.

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