8 February 2011


There is always a dearth of blog posting when a new, proper TSLR print version is on the horizon and we'll all beavering away here at TSLR Towers on TSLR027 - our 25th issue. Some never thought we'd make it this far, and they were just in our office. So imagine the delight on the faces of the Albion fans come Saturday and we thrust the new pile of paper and two staples into unsuspecting hands.

Watching the red and white stripes of Brentford finish off the red and white stripes of Exeter in the piss pot trophy last night, my thoughts turned to the new Brentford manager (by default, it must be said), Nicky Forster. How, I wondered, would he cope with a striker - too old to still be essential to a team perhaps - who dissents and asks to be transfer listed outside of the transfer window?

For those that, like me, have become so engrossed in this Albion season you have forgotten that Forster left so stupidly - best to follow this link and remember the bizarre confusion. Forster may get his manager wish now at Brentford - and he seems to have made a decent fist of it thus far - but surely, he will spend the rest of his life wondering what might have been had he avoided the Gus Poyet cull. The Meerkat would be looking at getting a third division title, which has got to be better than a St. Johnstone's Paint Trophy Southern Section Final.

Right then, ramble over, I'm off to save my best writing for the paper version - for TSLR027 costs £1 and we get fuck all for this post.

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