10 February 2011


Work has temporarily ceased on the latest edition of The Seagull Love Review (TSLR027, out this Saturday). Instead we've been salivating over the virtual stadium tour which you are probably already aware of here. It is jolly good fun, not because of the views of the pitch - although they are mighty fine. No, we're more interested in loitering around the changing room and virtually sniffing the shirt of Gary Dicker. The last time I got this close to a Gary Dicker shirt, the club suggested I step back or face a lawsuit for stalking. As a result, I was forced to go back to simply Facebook stalking the best Irish midfielder of all time here. As he won't add me as a friend, I'll just have to be content with loving this page instead.

Unless I become a Benjamin Button style character or I finally get spotted on a Sunday League pitch, chances are I will never be in this very changing room. So, thanks Albion, for letting my dreams come true. As an aside, the concourses look great but I've been around most of the stadium and I simply can't find the bar. Maybe I'll have to attend these 'ramp-up' events to get my bearings right.

I've also been a little annoyed this morning about the Deloitte Football Money League 2011. I've been through the whole PDF document and cannot find reference to Tony Bloom anywhere. Surely, these days, we've got more money than Aston Villa. Or at least we will have once we win the FA Cup and our worldwide 'brand' is born.

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