16 March 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes, news doesn't filter through very well to TSLR Towers. We recently heard that tickets for the Daggers away game had sold out and panic set in to this little corner of TSLR Towers as we thought about how we didn't purchase any tickets. Before we had chance to log on to the Daggers website and purchase tickets in the home end, we realised what the situation truly was. On the thirteenth day of Christmas (that's Boxing Day, right?) the game in the least desirable part of east London was called off and it meant we had the opportunity to sleep off our roast dinners and alcohol filled stomachs a little longer. I was happy with that decision at the time so I must be happy to take my rearranged ticket to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Stadium and watch the Albion make inroads in their quest to claim the title.

Of course the title is not a forgone conclusion - results last night proved that and there are plenty of you out there long enough in the tooth to remember the 1978 debacle as detailed by Scumhampton fans here. Another historical nightmare comes in the form of 1970 when we were top of Division Three with 13 games of the season remaining but ended up in fourth at a time when there wasn't even the consolation of a place in the play-offs.

But, whatever happens to the Albion's title ambitions, it transpires that the ticket I had on Boxing Day is indeed valid for the rearranged fixture and TSLR will be there to witness another game in this incredibly exciting conclusion to a season.

NB - just spoken to the holder of said tickets and they are not sure where the tickets could be. An interesting two weeks of searching beckons...

NBB - not sure if you follow us on Twitter but, if not, check out the fact that Colin Hawkins starred in a winning team here.

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