14 March 2011

TSLR 2.0

It's tough keeping up with technological advances.  Where once we waxed lyrical about the importance of a specific Albion print publication, the trend now is to have a host of other digital platforms to support the monthly rag.

We have a Facebook page, we have a twitter feed and we have the blog.  What we need next is for the fanzine to be hosted on iPhones and Kindles.

You can get the fanzine on a Kindle (see above) but apparently it crashes the thing.  The iPhone app is on the horizon too as research shows that the smartphone is now the entertainment du jour when having a poo.

TSLR 2.0 eh? If anybody does want a pdf verison of the mag emailed to them, contact us via electronic mail at tslr@hotmail.co.uk and we'll whizz one over.

Here's some links for you;


And here's a story about how former striker Dave Cameron is giving something back.


befuddled dad said...

Hi, Im a tech bod and designer who used to work on Gulls eye back in the day (dik the cartoonist). Anywayz, let me produce the Kindle version of TSLR free and for gratis, nilch, nadder nuthing. would be my pleasure

befuddled dad said...

PS, my twitter call sign is @dknights