11 March 2011


This month's fanzine has finally gone to bed, and by bed we mean the printers. This month it is full of horse rhetoric, Colin Hawkins, a bit about the fact we might win the League and a lot of good quality copy. Sometimes, our fanzines become themed by default, and that has happened this month with Glenn Murray's hand on head celebration making up the bulk of it.

So, for a measly pound you can...
  • See the glorious Withdreams #8
  • Marvel at the new What's Hot, What's Not with Mendoza
  • Keep up with the League of Ireland in extended News in Briefs
  • Laugh along at the ridiculousness of Mike Sword
  • Learn how to moan along with Withdean fans
  • Get all emotional with Marco van Bastard
  • Enjoy match reviews and previews
  • Attempt to understand the bizarreness of Plymouth Argyle
  • Meet a well known Global Seagull
  • Giggle at the crap they flog on eBay with the Albion on it
  • Preview the classic brand spanking new King's Speech II
  • Drive along with Garry Nelson in a Fiat Uno
  • Graphologise with Carter
  • And celebrate like Murray

All for a £1. See yer tomorrow...

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