10 March 2011


A couple of new football magazines that have got us slathering round the chops like some rabid wild dogs.

Firstly, The Green Soccer Journal (see video above). We're not sure who publishes it but it's printed on heavy matt stock so more appropriate for the coffee table rather than next to TSLR in the bog. Issue one has features on NY Cosmos and Justin Fashanu for example, subject matter unlikely to be found in your NoTW supplement this week. The cover features Clarence Seedorf who stroked the ball around like a god last night against plucky Spurs. This is the real deal, not some Rio Ferdinand funded rubbish. Not sure where to buy this, try Smiths?

Secondly, a quarterly publication from Sunderland, called The Blizzard. Featuring writing from a selection of quality football writers from the broadsheets and other publications of aplomb, The Blizzard comes across as a massive, really well written, generalist fanzine. The promo issue is available to downalod as a PDF from their website HERE with the thoughtful editor tempting you with a pay-what-you-like deal. We suggest you get downloading, but don't be tight on PayPal. Subscriptions are £30 and we get the impression that the sound of this badboy on the doormat will be similar to a hundred angels whispering your name.

In other news, TSLR028 is out on Saturday.

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