9 March 2011


What a ridiculous finish this season is shaping up to be. Little more than a month ago, we joked about how easy each game was, how no teams came to Withers and tried to win anymore and, seriously, how dull it is to win match after match so easily and so consistently. Of course, that joke is well and truly missed after the last three games. What are we moaning about I hear you cry - three wins from three, the pretenders to the Division Three throne all dropping points, still top and missing yet more penalties - it surely couldn't be better.

It seems as if, in classic Albion style, the run-in will be a collection of numerous nervy moments that result in bigger celebrations than ever before. Last night was no exception. Pre-match drinks could not detract away from the fact that seven minutes of injury time with a one goal lead is probably the most nervy football can get. Especially when, by that late stage, we had resorted to lumping the ball up front to, er, nobody and watching it come firing straight back at us.

It was a special night though. Whilst many elements of our factual knowledge can be outlandishly questioned, one thing is for certain. Last night was special. The view was shoddy; the singing was immense (Elliott Bennett and Casper Ankergren songs got most of the airplay); the Painter injury was (and still is) a massive concern and the boys played alright. Not amazingly, but they did enough.

Enjoy this feeling as it'll only last until that next nervy one - Saturday at home to Tranmere. Why not stifle your nerves by spending £1 on purchasing a copy of the new issue - TSLR028 (currently in production) - to hide behind.

NB - pre match Fran Sambuca worked a treat. Cake is all but forgotten but, incidentally, tastes better.

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