23 March 2011


I just logged on to the Albion website to check last night's match report (I was a good 200 people late for the Withers Wager win by the way) and stumbled across this unbelievably good screenshot. Have you ever seen such brilliance in a single month? Six wins in March has been amazing and just what we needed with every other team in the chasing pack finally finding some form. And, in fact, we have played poorly by our early season standards in all six victories so far.

Now, last night was great. These days, the excitement of finding out another result has been ruined by that bloke with his iphone telling you Southampton are winning again. But, last night, with  SCC leading 1-0, everybody around us gave up pressing refresh and instead we were treated to a tannoy announcement informing us. Just like the good old days when we were shit. The only difference, of course, is that we're listening out for results at the top of the table.

Five more wins for the title...

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