18 March 2011


In the Algarve last summer, and 1-0 up against Sunderland, a hilariously leather skinned Albion expatriate screamed: 'Sort it out, Chas'. It was, we assume, aimed at Charlie Oatway who clearly hadn't got the Albion playing well as we were only beating a top flight team at the time. It inspired us greatly. In fact, you may have heard us shouting it most of this season at bizarrely inopportune times, which is exactly the point.

From the outset of this season therefore, two things were guarenteed. Firstly, that Rochdale away be designated our official flat cap day - and we're not talking these trendy flat caps neither. And second, that Oldham away be designated official 'Sort it out, Chas' day. All season, we've talked about bald wigs, Charlie Oatway t-shirts, and even a Charlie Oatway tracksuit purchased in the Albion charity shop by one TSLRite earlier in the season.

But now, it has come down to the crunch and organisers here at TSLR HQ have done as much as the Football Association did to Archer and Bellotti and is now doing to the idiots down at Plymouth. Basically, as I look high and low around TSLR Towers (all three square metres) there are no bald wigs, no Chas tracksuits, no 'Sort it out, Chas' t-shirts. Not even a Chas quick read miniature book. No Nothing. There's only one thing for it - we'll just have to shout out our favourite Algravian phrase all through the game tomorrow. Some people may even prefer it to the wonderful Elliott Bennett song.

See yer there. And for those arriving earlier than kick-off, head to the Rifle Range for some northern food and drink.

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