30 March 2011


Sometimes, as M People once said, dreams can come true.

March has been silly. Eight lower end performances of our remarkable season ended with a record breaking eighth win. Stressful? Yes. Undeserved? At times. But goodness me, it has been worth it. Last night was an extension of that, despite the slowness of the clock for the last half hour. The Murray goal was exquisite, the celebrations wholehearted plus we had the pleasure of seeing Gary Hart and Tommy Fraser (who has the unfortunate combination of ginger hair and a bald patch) in the away end. Add to that another win coupled with an appearance from the ridiculous Nigel Adkins and it made for the perfect night.

Following the massively disappointing turnout of Charlie Oatway themed attire at Oldham the week before last – luckily one TSLRite saved us by cutting out several Glenn Murray hands from the latest issue of TSLR – it seems as if publicising the latest theme should be done. At Rochdale, we will be donning flat caps in what is inventively termed ‘Flat Cap Day’. This classic masterpiece on show at the top of this blog is a prime example of flat caps that should adorn the head at Spotland. Notice the subtle green, yellow, brown and black markings and behold how the colours fade creating a dull shade of grey, entirely attractive to older people. It’s a classic.


i am sam said...

that was gabrielle who said 'dreams can true' ...

i think you're mixing up your black female singers from the 90s

Anonymous said...

It's a small mistake to make.

Heather Small..you know?

sten said...

Ah yes, M People were nuffink on Gabrielle