1 April 2011


Sometimes, as Gabrielle once said, you have to search for the hero inside yourself.

Last night, that's exactly what I did as my work 5-a-side Thursday night Paddington League picked up our runners-up medals and trophy. We may not have won but we looked inside ourselves and felt like heroes. It was better looking inside our jackets when we got home - having stolen a number of spare winning medals.

Of course, to search for the hero in this Albion team, you do not have to go far. As those that follow us on Twitter will know from yesterday, the wonderful History Man on NSC has come up with some staggeringly good statistics which prove that Gus' wonderful team of excellence could well be the best ever. Now we know how close we are to records being broken, we'll probably fuck it up (but then that is the attitude of Albion teams not governed by the charms of Mr Poyet). If we break one of these records TSLR Towers will be rocking, but it would be absolutely marvellous if we go on to smash the 100 point barrier. And as for Casper Ankergren, what a guy. Especially when you consider the cigarettes.

Over at Palarse, they've been looking for just one hero all season. In fact, they've been so shite that the local newspaper (and that morning rag the Metro) yesterday published this story blaming their poor form on their beautifully permatanned cheerleaders. As much as we want the Smellhursters to lose each week, is it wrong to now want the chasing pack from the relegation zone of the Championship to lose as well? It's not exactly supporting the Croydonites, it's simply wanting two games to pass Palace off the park next season and put that 5-0 defeat well and truly to bed.

So that's all for this week. Oh and we fell for that Albion playing in green April fool way back in the February issue of TSLR - inventively titled TSLR027. And on that bombshell, we're all off to stick on a flat cap and get a record breaking win at the Dale of Roch - see you there.


i am sam said...

leaving that 5-0 behind is about as easy as leaving years of child abuse behind.

we'll take that defeat to our graves, no mistake.

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