4 April 2011


I had to include our match report from the Times today for its excellent reference to our new stadium - the APEX STADIUM - at the top of the second column. It got us worried - have American Express pulled the plug on their sponsorship? Who are Apex and why are they sponsoring our new ground? Answers on a postcard please.

Talking of answers, our TSLR 2011/12 online fan survey has emerged here so why not take a couple of minutes out of your life to fill it in. We have already had a magical response from those that follow us on Twitter so make sure your answers are to a high standard and you (or your pseudonym) may get published in the last issue of this glorious season - TSLR029 - out at home to Sheffield Wednesday this coming Saturday.

Flat cap day wasn't quite the disaster that 'Sort it Out Chas' day had been at Oldham some two weeks previously. The five or so who took part in the wearing of flat caps to mock those from Rochdale had a wonderful time. Thanks to those that joined in.

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