5 April 2011


Another season passes and another financial hammering for Football League clubs gets dished out. It seems as if the Premiership doesn't care about clubs standing further down the ladder and, guess what, they don't. I have just been pointed in the direction of this Guardian article published online last night in which we learned of the Football League's £23m reduction in revenue when selling the TV rights collectively for the 2012-13 season.

Let us look at this in context - we're talking about a UK Football League deal for that season of £65m spread between 72 football clubs. Even evenly split between all those teams, clubs can only expect to see £900k each. And that's before the Championship clubs take a bigger slice than the rest. The Premiership, meanwhile, will pay over £500m to 20 top flight clubs in the same season. That even split is £25m per club, which is very rosy for them.

We may be heading in the right direction down at the Albion (in terms of the money at least) but we must remember how low we once sank, and how easy it could be to sink again. Unfortunately, those at the top end have been at the top end throughout the money-centric era. It seems they have lost all sense of what it's like to be lowly and downright broke.

Thank goodness we have Tony Bloom.

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