24 March 2011


We were saddened to read on the offcial website the lengths that Fran Sandaza will go to to get a game at the Albion.

Gus Poyet, when speaking on the strength in depth of his sqaud said "We have players like Fran Sandaza who might only get seven minutes, but are still prepared to die"

Fran, it's not worth it hermano.

While all fans will sleep well in the knowledge that our boys in blue and white will go that extra mile for our third scudetto in 11 glory soaked Withdean years, suicide is just too far.

Seeing Fran cover every blade of patchy grass at Withers over the winter has reminded us of the awful scene in Never Ending Story when the brave stallion Artax succumbs to the mud while serving his Tano doppelganger master.

I'm not sure Withdean could handle similar scenes if it's our own dobbin, Fran, up to his neck in sludge keeping a Ricky Lambert shot out with his nose before sinking below the surface.

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