7 March 2011


That winner on Saturday was something special. It could be one of those moments that goes down in Withers folklore - that Lee Steele offside winner against Bristol City; Danny Cullip's winner against Cheaterfield; the Virgo header in extra time; and now the Bridcutt belter. What a hit, what a goal, what a moment. There was so much pandemonium in our area of the south stand that keys, phones and self-respect went flying into the air. Luckily I found most things... except the self respect.

I met Liam Bridcutt afterwards (I was unashamedly loitering around the player entrance at the time) and I must say I barely even noticed his WAG or his car. Judging by the other cars in car parking spots for players, I am sure it was a pricey one, as I'm sure was his girlfriend. But what struck me is how young the lad is. He came out of the Withers north stand with a little grin on his face that looked as if he had just found out that he passed his A levels (which he probably couldn't because he's a footballer).

As someone who is just a kid myself, although a slightly older one than Bridders, it made me think how resentful I am of those younger than me. Apart, that is, from Albion players who pop up with special goals in the 94th minute. Is that why so many of you Withdeanites are so miserable? The older you get, the more resentful you are to those younger than you - and that includes the kids wearing the blue and white stripes. However long in the tooth I may be, however knowledgable about football I think I am, there is only one thing that's for sure. Those kids who don the Albion stripes will always be better footballers than I. And you. So the next time you moan about the way we defend on the pitch simply remeber, you're just jealous.

When I approached Bridders to shake his glorious hand on Saturday, a woman who obviously stalked him more often than I asked him for a kiss. Liam gave her one but laughed off my request. It seems I'll have to loiter outside Withers more often for a smooch. Up the stripes and see you in London tomorrow.

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