8 March 2011


The disaster game of the season is upon us. I couldn't give you the year (well, I could probably look it up but I simply can't be bothered) but one visit to Griffin Park I remember more clearly than the Carlisle match on Saturday resulted in a 4-0 defeat. Micky Adams was in charge; Adam Virgo gave us a glimpse of his future potential; it was live on ITV Digital and it was bloody freezing. If I'm not mistaken, we went on to win the title that season despite playing like idiots against Brentford away (and possibly at home that year).

Here at TSLR Towers, we're busy beavering away on the penultimate issue of the season, TSLR028 which will be out on Saturday at home to Tranmere Rovers - who have one of the worst nicknames in footballing history. But according to the last issue - TSLR027 (there is still about 17 issues left, available at Griffin tonight) - we haven't won at Brentford since Dean Wilkins scored the winner back in 1995. 1995, of course, represents the year when the TSLR editing duo realised there were serious issues over the future of the Goldstone. Perhaps, with Falmer nearing completion, it's time to shed that 17 year non-winning streak tonight.

As with my opening gambit details are a little hazy, but the pub we will be frequenting tonight is the nice corner boozer of the four. It should be easy to find - it'll be the only one of the four pubs to be housing the people clad in blue and white. We'll be easy to find - our Spanish Ultra will be forcing us (like Indian children) to be ripping up copies of free newspaper into small strips for confetti purposes. Should all else fail, perhaps those 17 final issues of TSLR027 will be joining that newspaper.

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