18 April 2011



Nigel Adkins eh? The man has a tone that some may find a little hard to swallow, and perhaps his ease in front of the cameras gives him an aura of arrogance, but it's time for everyone to drop to the hate.

At a time in the club's history when all Albion fans should be walking wth a spring in their step, happily taking the plaudits from our non-Albion friends and enjoying the wide-spread media coverage that has enveloped Withdean and the Becsot Stadium in the last few weeks, a fair few have been sitting in the corner frothing at the mouth about another club some 55 miles down the coast.

It's natural to have a bit of a snipe at your closest rivals when chasing the title, but really, concentrate that negative energy on Palace or something, or even better just drop it.  There's no need to think about any other clubs except those we're going to visit next season.  Gloating is a characteristic we have always frowned upon when seen from other clubs. That should be no different in our case, regardless of any previous contempt and no matter how provocative it's intent ... and yeah, that does include THIS.  

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