8 April 2011


Now here at TSLR, we are always discussing how good watching St Pauli of the German (soon to be) Bundesliga 2 is. They get to stand up, drink beer, smoke, have a laugh, sing a few songs and generally make us so welcome, there's no hiding from the feeling we should have lost the war. So you can picture our disappointment when their game with Schalke got called off with two minutes to go at the Millerntor when a fan launched his plastic beer cup at an unsuspecting linesman. That sort of behaviour is the kind that will get the authorities suggesting St Pauli have safe standing zones (like they do in Austria) and no more beer in view of the pitch.

Admittedly, the linesman goes down far too easily. And what better punishment for the home side than allowing them to play out another home defeat? Seriously though, you've got it so good why mess it up? To encourage the government to allow safe standing in this country, why not sign up to the Football Supporters' Federation petition here. And if you're not sure about the safety aspect of it, I can assure you that celebrating on seats is much more dangerous. I put my back out for a week landing on a seat at Oldham. It was worth it though.

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