8 April 2011


Phew, another season done and a we're looking forward to a rest from the fanzine.

The final edition of the season, TSLR029, is released tomorrow at Withdean or online by following the PayPal link to your left.

Of course, this is the final fanzine of the Withdan era as well so we've saved up enough pennies to bring out a Withdean souvenir supplement, TSLR030, which you'll receive free if you buy the normal mag.

It's a quite wonderful little retrospective of the Theatre of Trees and we hope you keep it as a reminder of our entertaining years at Withers.  It will certainly have less bollocks in it than an interview with Leon Knight and probably more interesting than a vox-pop with Peter Taylor!

As another sort-of bonus, the main fanzine is a full 36 pages this month, a record for us and 8 more than the usual publication.

Inside you'll find;

- Adam el Abd Inteview (TSLR Player of the Season)
- End of Season Fan Survey (7 pages of Albion LOLS, thanks to all those that took part)
- Interview with Build A Bonfire co-author Steve North
- Record breaking month Reviews and soon-to-be celebratory month Previews
- Usual contributions from Withdreams, What's Hot What's Not, Flairwatch, Midfield Diamond, Marco van Bastard, Mike Sword and Carter plus a rare outing from the wonderful Meade's Ball.

It's a bumper issue and will certainly sell out quick so grab a copy while you can!

Still only £1.

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