12 April 2011


We kind of knew it would come, but it seems that this promotion game tonight has popped up from nowhere.

Isn't it great that all those game cancellations in the winter have actually worked in our favour.  Who would've thought that the initimidating March fixture list would bear fruit to the weightiest points-haul in our history.

As Albion fans we have the right to be worried about consistent form, we should be allowed to carry  an extreme prejudice that at any time we will mess it up, but this season it's all a bit different.

Tempting fate is not a phrase oft muttered in the cynical corrdiors of TSLR headquarters, but that might be because we've never had any fate of worth to talk about.  Tonights game against Dagenham and Redbridge does not scare us though, nail-biting cold sweat fear has given way to a mild anxiety this season, a feeling of butterflies in the stomach that is easily quashed with a pint and quick read of the scathing match reports from yesterdays Sheffield Star.

Time to chill out Albionites and let the good times roll!

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