27 April 2011


I haven't blogged for awhile simply because I have been awaiting this image of epic goodness that landed in the TSLR inbox today. It's from the club's open day at Withers last week for the kids and it was well attended by all accounts. Getting a snap of our favourite striker sends shivers of excitement down the spine. This is almost as good as when one TSLRite captured Colin Hawkins away at Aston Villa last season.

Should Fran Sandaza not feature in the Albion squad next season (and there's a chance he might not), then at least we will be able to cherish the moment San Francisco held aloft a copy of TSLR029. Sources claim that the glorious Horse attempted to pose for this shot whilst holding TSLR in a landscape format. For that, the Oldham goal, the hilarious horse song, and his constant frustration on being sat on the bench - Fran Sandaza, we salute you.

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