28 April 2011


As per last year, and the year before, The Seagull Love Review will be holding an End Of Season Party to celebrate the end of another football year, we have assigned the catalogue number TSLR031 to this event.

Like Pagans welcoming the winter solstice, us football fans know that the next 3 months will be dark and cold as we cross off the dates ahead of the holy fixtures day.

This year though you should all be suitably content, what with one of the most succesfull and enjoyable terms in our history in the bank, plus that spaceship thing round the back of Moulscoomb that is going to personally beam you up to better worlds come August.

Sign off 2010/11 by honouring us with your presence after the Huddersfield Town match at The Hanover public house, Queen's Park Road, Brighton from about 7 or 8 in the evening until the early hours.

Everyone is welcome, but please try and keep your colours subtle and your language clean.  Strictly over 18s only.  No knobheads.

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