4 May 2011


OK, one game to go but all eyes on next season.  The fixtures for our Championship return will be published on the 17th of June, a Friday, and a couple of games will have Albionites throthing at the mouth in a way that will make that Southampton game seem like a friendly with Bognor.

In line with recent footballing folklore, we are going to promote the Albion Palace games as El Crapico as they share many characteristics with the over-hyped Real versus Barca clashes.

Well, sort of ...

Our mission is to get El Crapico as a front page splash across the The Argus, Gus to have a Mourinho-esque breakdown infront of the South Today cameras, and Adam el Abd to throw the sort of  moves he showed us at Hillsborough earlier in the season when taking that blow to the tummy/face from Neil Mellor.

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