6 May 2011


When news filtered through this morning that the horsefaced Fran Sandaza would not be retained for our Championship winning season next year, there has been nothing but tears here at TSLR Towers. Whilst it was no real surprise that Gus has sent the horse to the Pritt Stick factory, it had us upset as to who can be our cult player who doesn't particularly look like a footballer. In the first two years of this fanzine, that title was clearly one to be held by Colin Hawkins. This season, it's clearly been Fran Sandaza. Both footballers have provided us with excellent prose over the years and, for that, I thank them both for their kindness.

So, as the curtain draws on TSLR's second favourite player ever, what better thing to do than use these two pictures again of the two cracking occasions where we got to meet our heroes? The only question left is, who will be our third hero? Gus, if you are reading (which you definitely are not), then please have an extended summer scouting session to South America for someone of the Hawk/Horse ilk. And preferably, if they could relate to another animal, that would be great. Oh, and one other thing. The club were unsure as to which was Michael Poke and which was the League One trophy so they kept both.

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