14 July 2011


Instead of discussing how we're going to produce a fanzine for next year with the co-editor, I have taken 5 minutes to snoop around the virtual club shop at Seagulls Direct (HERE).

Our bold new era of multi-million pound signings, one of the best stadiums in Europe and pies with the same Albion status as the likes of Mark Lawrenson means that the merchandise people on Queens Road have had to mimic the exciting developments else where in the club too.

First up, after averting my eye past the away kit pictures, I have found the fan must-have tat of the season, the Albion Mints (BUY HERE £1.50).  I think the picture shows the cute box they come in, which could also be used for medication/recreation drugs after the original contents are guzzled in a post-Harveys panic.

Next up, and perfect for those who keep a plethora of blue and white clothes in their cupboard that need a bit of sprucing up, iron on badges (BUY HERE £2.50).  There's all sorts of fun to be had with these bad boys and we'll be reporting back later in the season on our a la mode progress.  Initially thoughts are that yes, we can finally have those matching Albion turtle necks we've always wanted.

Originally, upon setting our sights on this product, we thought it was some kind of fashion glove, a kind of statement glove for those who wanted to be both Michael Jackson, and loyal supporter whilst wandering the lonely streets of Hassocks et al.  In fact it's a golf glove (BUY HERE £14.99), we believe you only buy one, but frankly, two would be just too weird.

This incredibly odd photo is still being used to showcase the jesters hat, and similarly, what it would look like if you had a stroke at The Amex. (BUY HERE £5.00).  That is well North Stand.

If the above hat isn't exactly suitable for your needs, fear not, as the club have brought out some more orthodox head gear to keep your ears warm in the winter.  Above is the reversible bronx hat (BUY HERE £7.99) which on one side is a nice way of showing your colours and keeping warm, with the other side useful for either a) offending people b) making children cry.

Finally, and before we get one of those special emails from the club, we are featuring these trendy argyle socks which feature the new club crest.  I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something strangley alluring about these and no doubt the carpets of Sussex will feel many a tread from these come the autumn.  The club, understanding the austere measure many fans are having to take in these hard times, are selling these in a 2-pack.  His and hers? Who knows (BUY HERE £7.99).

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Nick said...

What is a 'special' e-mail from the club ?!