5 July 2011


"Away shirt will be ... black and green stripes"

Yep, that's what we posted on this here blog on 30th January 2011.  we also guessed that we'd be sponsored by IT First again, so our crystal ball does need something of a polish!

The green and black was no surprise then, and while some supporters have been in favour of the design, a few have been seen scratching at their computer screens shouting 'my eyes are bleeding, my eyes are bleeding!".

The over-saturated press shots perhaps give the shirts that lurid radioactive glow, so we'll wait until the garment is hung up on Queens Road before delivering our most scathing of critiques.

Two things we will say straight away are a) bit dissapointed that the sponsor is on a black band rather than being incorporated into the stripes more sensatively and b) what's with the luminous green logo? We would think that when you launch a new logo for the first time that you try and keep it, well, blue?

In other news we splurged a giant wad of cash all over Barry Fry's face in exchange for a Scottish International.  There was a grimmace of concern on seeing Murray leave so quickley, but in fact we've bought somebody better.  In terms of flair we're close to boilling point, god have mercy on Doncaster Rovers*.

* yes, yes, we know we'll lose 0-2


hovian said...

It's a fucking mess


The Sock of Poskett said...

As it happens, I like it. Certainly distinctive. And allows the opportunity to reintroduce the old chant "Come on you stripes!" away from home. Although in honour of poor old Plymouth, the occasional "Green Army!" might prompt a chuckle ...