18 August 2011


Around this time last year (it was probably more like September), I posted a video of Marcia Griffith's excellent Dreamland to describe how the mood at TSLR Towers was. Three wins into the new season in the SECOND TIER OF ENGLISH FOOTBALL and I feel that using the video then was premature, this feeling now is surely dreamland. And it could get even better yet?

I'm still very much hopeful that we stay up in Division Two this season but the way we have begun is nothing short of magical. If we win another 25 games and grab a couple of draws, we'll win promotion but I know that's silly talk after just three games. Gus told the official website he is currently in dreamland and told the Evening Argus that the start has been a dream. If that's what he thinks, I'm not sure how I can describe what I've been feeling since I woke up this morning.

We made the trip to the Welsh Riviera last night thanks to a day holiday from my proper job and some wonderful driving from a TSLRite who, it turns out, has a dreadful Welsh accent that he attempted to impress upon this poor woman in the toll booth the other side of the Severn. Most of the journey was spent detailing how a 1-0 reverse would be a great result. That is genuinely the best the majority of us could see us getting. I now think we all need to reassess how much we've underplayed Gus' awesome team so far this season.

We didn't get allowed in the carvary bar next to what is a very nice (and cheap) new stadium. Others tell me the ground is rubbish but I thought it excellent - especially with the ability to run outside for a quick smoke at half time. The lack of pub meant we were forced (against our will obviously) to purchase 4 packs of beers from the adjacent Asda (many new stadia we visit seem to have massive Asda - or is that Asdi - next to them) and lay on the grass of the park opposite watching girls playing touch rugby in sunshine reminiscient of the summer we've never had.

As for the game... Well, you can read all about it in proper publications like the Guardian (great picture of Ash doing the Klinsmann celebration); Telegraph and even the bloody Independent for goodness sake.

It was the ultimate pleasure to be there and hard to fathom just how in control we were after taking the lead. But habits last, and even at 3-1 I was fuming at the five minutes of injury time added and looking hastily at the tiny clock situated behind the goal at the far end. Maybe Albion teams of the past would have folded. But not this one. Not under Gus.

I refer you to our cover image (held by the great man himself) of TSLR014, published at the time when Gus was appointed. In Gus we trust, we wrote. Well who the fuck thought we could trust him this much?

As we Tweeted earlier today, pride supposedly comes before a fall so how much tragedy must we expect to come our way considering the last year or so we've had? Hopefully, we had the tragedy first in the form of Fran Sandaza and Colin Hawkins. The Hawk, incidentally, celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday.

Thanks to all who purchased fanzines last night and throughout this marvellous opening month. Copies of TSLR031 are still available - either through this webiste (paypal) or outside Falmex on Saturday. And feel free to add us for our extra Albion related-ish drivel over on our Twitter page.