24 August 2011


OK, so we've been pretty poor at updating the blog recently but everyone's writing about us and our viewpoint seems an unnecessary addition to that. For proper match reports, check out The Hovian - our cartooning contributor - here. I certainly meant to post the above video from the Blackpool match on Saturday in the early days of this week. It records the second goal from the match to put us 2-0 up before we were undone by a triple substitution and two moments of class from the ancient Kevin Phillips.

After the Blackpool match, the North Stand Atrium Social Club continued where it left off. There's no point standing in the queue for the train now is there? Not when there's alcohol to be drunk inside our favourite new pub.

We had the utmost pleasure of meeting some of the nicest and humble away supporters we have ever done so. Their proclamation that drinking with us was the reason they disliked the top flight is one to make even the hardest Albion fan recoil in tears of joy (not that TSLRites are renowned for their hardness). Their kind words reminded us exactly why we supported Blackpool amongst the big boys last season - culturally, they're no top flight side. And of course we can empathise with that quite easily.

It does sound a touch of concern over our start (we had to moan about something). Should we get near the top flight, a season of being wound up by supporters not worthy of our presence awaits.

On a more positive note: there used to be times when this blog would rejoice over national newspaper coverage of our favourite side. These days, it's probably easier to tell you which newspapers the Albion haven't featured in.

Last night didn't have the excitement levels of the Manchester City upset under Micky Adams II. Then, we were playing shoddy football and effectively blagged the win. From 20 minutes into the second half last night, the Albion's passage to the Third Round seemed almost a formality. Especially when CMS hit the post with the North Stand already celebrating and more so when I was convinced we should have had a penalty when Calde got booked. But the only similarity between the Manchester City upset at Withers and the Sunderland victory last night was the referee.

And one last little moan about the Albion programme. This is the pricing guide they published in the programme for the home League Cup First Round tie against Gillingham. Only days and the draw against Sunderland (they're in the Premiershit you know) later, these prices were changed beyond recognition. Some would argue that the attendance last night justified the expense (and the result certainly did) but it will be interesting to see how many people bother to turn up to a similarly price increased League Cup tie at Falmer in year three.

But, with the ticket collection problem seemingly solved yesterday and the trains functioning amicably after extra time, critical copy for TSLR032 - out at Bristol City - is proving hard to come by. We can selfishly hope the club are still persuing their unwarranted attack on the disabled fans and their car parking spaces.

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