4 August 2011


We know that the fragrant diaspora from Gods own city will sit infront of their laptops on a Saturday intently honing in on Jonny Cantor's loose lips.

This season why not enhance that matchday experience with a TSLR subsription?

For £10 you will get all 9 issues of this seasons fanzine sent to your door, and here's the good bit, this includes postage, even if you're in Australia!

So this price is for all, be it the Brighton based fan who just wants a copy for the toilet, or the squaddie in Cyprus who needs that little bit more Albion info, a TSLR subscription won't let you down.

Perfect for ...
- International exiles (no extra postage)
- Albion fans in the armed forces
- Domestic exiles who don't get to many games
- Sussex fans who just want a copy posted

You can request where it's sent so it's a great gift for Albion fans, just email us HERE or put the details on the PayPal thingy.  If you don't have PayPal, drop us a line and we'll work something out.

PayPal users, use the link below, we even take American Express! We'll confirm your order personally.

The best tenner you'll spend this season(unless you're buying a pie plus Harvey's at the ground). The Seagull Love Review, your international Brighton and Hove Albion fanzine.


Turintone said...

Hello, that's a great offer TSLR. I am in Italy and wish to take you up on it. However, the HERE link is not working for me. I do not have Pay pal, but I have a UK bank accont and could send a cheque.

Please have a look at the email link or give me your email via the comments page here.


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