5 August 2011


For those that aren't excited enough about tomorrow, then feast your eyes on this little beauty of a front cover for TSLR031 which will be available to purchase at Falmex tomorrow. The photograph is courtesy of Dom Alves and shows the glorious Falmex at night. We've waited 14 years for this.

The first fanzine of our fourth season features some real bloody treats for you...

-One of the shortest interviews ever with Ian Chapman

-Mendoza returns from Portugal for What's Hot and What's Not

-There are reviews from pre-season, the Algarve and Theatre Royal

-Previews of the first month of games

-Peter Grummitt's Bright Green Gloves takes us back to the '70s

-Bitter & Twisted wants a return to the Withers

-Stewart Weir's signed up for the centre fold

-One of the men behind the Fan's Mosaic gives an insight

-Hobo Living looks back at his youth

-Football Masochism loves Tony Bloom (he's not the only one)

-Meade's Ball gets all magical

-Flairwatch returns with news from his Flair-o-meter

-Midfield Diamond provides a foolproof guide for the Jonny-Come-Lately's

-The Hovian works his magic with pen and pencil

-Carter still hates Scott McGleish

-And our resident artist never lets us down

All that and more for cheaper (£1) than a cup of tea (£1.60) at the new stadium. The Seagull Love Review thanks you in advance for your golden nuggets. There should be a number of TSLRites loitering outside Falmex from pretty early tomorrow but if you don't get hold of a copy then drop us a Tweet - @tslr or come and find us after the game as we're sure to be frequenting Dick's Bar.


Turintone said...

Hello, that's a great subscription offer TSLR. I am in Italy and wish to take you up on it. However, the HERE link is not working for me. I do not have Pay pal, but I have a UK bank accont and could send a cheque.

Please have a look at the email link or give me your email via the comments page here.


sten said...

Cheques are more than welcome, email tslr@hotmail.co.uk with your address and we'll email back our postal address. Cheers