10 August 2011


Last night, it transpired that the Albion Gillingham match was being streamed live on this thing some call the internet. This also apparently happened for the Donny match that took place last Saturday. And this half of the editing duo certainly hopes the Palace home match will also be streamed (for reasons I don't really want to go into right now).

It's a far cry from the dulcet tones of Tony Millard that harangued our poor ears sometime ago. At least with the Seagull Line, it was your choice to ring up. You have to sort of feel sorry for the local BBC radio commentary crew - only ten years ago, they were the exclusive place to go when you weren't at the match.

Now of course, you can follow the game with a live stream or through Twitter and any number of websites. But it is surely video that wins - because being able to see something you want to see will always be better than listening to something you want to see.

On this tip, I had the brilliant opportunity to film the only goal from last night's came scored by the formerly away kit TSLR sponsored Ashley Barnes. It was easy to capture as it was a penalty in front of the North (notice how we've only scored at the North end since pre-season finished).

The video highlight from last night though has to be given to this second clip. After the success of the penalty, what could go wrong with filming a free kick from outside the area? Er, well, I couldn't decide how far to zoom in and then the ball almost hit the west stand roof that doubles up as my favourite atrium at Falmex.

Radio isn't dead though - far from it. Most of Monday at work (in my real job) was spent listening again to Five Live and recording all mentions of the Doncaster match they were broadcasting live from. It meant that, two days on from that epic 8th minute winner, I cried once more.

The only crying I did with these videos was when I heard what a twat I sound like on video.