22 September 2011


So the club thought it was a good idea to have a sing-a-long vibe going on with the big screens last night.

Well, we're very keen to hear from the club exactly why they thought this would be a good idea.

In hindsight, Albion fans have been quite accepting of the clubs covert embrace of saccharine football culture.

Gullys Girls are now much-loved fixtures, as are Sally and Sammy; the bastard siblings of our 7 foot winged beast.  The Seagull Superstores have dragged the club out of the merchandise dark-ages and the sprawling Sussex nouveau riche have a home in the 1901 Club.

Last night however a line was crossed.

The deeply patronising Amex karaoke witnessed by Albionites must never be shown again.

Call us NIMBYS, call us luddites, call us conserva ... well, no, but you get the point.  We are proud of our vocal support and the crowds - especially the excellent North and West - rocked the Sky microphones last night.  On the radio our collective voices have coloured even the dreariest of encounters, home and away; our vocal chords shaken from the great Withdean silence.

Football song, as a friend once said, is the last bastion of traditional English folk music. Hearty, intelligent and satirical at it's best, the terrace roar is still deeply organic, developed and sculpted from our nationwide travels, our traditional references and our nods to popular culture.

Albion, holistically speaking, need to be united in our extraordinary progress; this faux pas however will not have us singing from the same hymn sheet.


The Hovian said...

Too right, and sack that Spurs helmet who "MCs" every match too, his ugly mug on the screens pre-match is seriously upsetting my pre-match pint

He's a twat

Anonymous said...

deffo crosses a line, gully, gully's girls, richard reynolds etc you can more easily ignore, they don't intrude on the actual football at least.

hopefully we'll never see it again.