30 September 2011


Still feeling a little blue? Download this cut-out-and-keep black armband with self-depracating #FFSMurray motto to add a little more grief to your Ipswich trip.

The K├╝bler-Ross model famously theorises that there are 5 stages to grief, so let's go through them and see how we're doing;

1. Denial : What's that? It's just another match? Ok, sure.

2. Anger : With 20 arrests and more to come, plus the area around Brighton Station looking like Tripoli, we can safely assume that this stage has been navigated.  Sadly though, Tuesday may have marked a new dawn in A23 derby violence.

3. Bargaining : Do we love to hate Palace, or just simply hate Palace? I'm not sure, but Gus claiming he's pleased for Murray and that he's a "good lad" is contrary to some of the things we've heard about the pair's relationship last season.

4. Depression : This has certainly kicked in; Albion fans have mimcked the disposition of an pubescent emo kid all over Sussex. With most losses - and by god we've had a few of them - you can shake it off after a couple of hours.  This one however hits you unexpectedly, like a shameful memory the night after a session on the booze.

5. Acceptance : Hmmm, well, we imagine most of you have fixed up by now, but the perfect tonic would be a heart display at Portman Road on Saturday. Fingers crossed eh?

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