30 September 2011


Ipswich Town have gone a little left-field in their terrace-bothering choices of mascot.  Where most clubs will go for a he and she version of costumed fool, Town have gone for a mental health theme with solid stud Bluey the handsome stalion and Crazee the mad mustang with opoosable digits.

Bluey seems to be the more on-message mascot at Portman Road with poor Crazee destined for the glue factory.  The Osmonds monikored equus does carry some kudos over his handsome brother in that his name isn't common slang for an erectile-dysfunction drug. A decent writer of provinvial fanzine smut would at this point insert a closing gag incorporating the afforementioned pills but I'm still a bit down after Tuesday and really cannot be bothered.

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