13 October 2011


It's quite remarkable that we haven't blogged since the great strop of that Tuesday night when we lost to a team at Falmer. Which team? No, we're not sure either.

But now we've licked our wounds following that nightmare on Portman Road and cobbled together TSLR033, it feels like we can finally bring ourselves to lyrically wax on the world wide web. We were almost over all 3-1 defeats until we came across this little front cover of the gritted toothed excellence that is the Five Year Plan fanzine. Now they're actually a bit slack up the A23 as they only bring out a fanzine every other month but you have to take your hat off to their cover. And here was us thinking that the rivalry meant more to us than them.

Anyway, let us put that dreadful end of September behind us and all look forward to returning to Falmer this Saturday - whatever time of day we're expected to be there.

We will be loitering with the intent of receiving your shiny new pound coins outside our shiny new stadium for a glorious copy of 32 colourless pages stapled together under the banner of The Seagull Love Review.

In this month's extraordinary issue, there is:
-The Hovian who also provides the cover
-An awesome item for eBay Gold
-Mendoza's back with his ever brilliant What's Hot What's Not
-News in (dirty) Briefs
-Tom Stewart provides us with Flairwatch
-Match Reviews (including two from Ipswich and almost none from Leicester, don't ask)
-Match Previews for October and November
-Another corking Stewart Weir photo
-Midfield Diamond bemoans odd kick off times
-The last month detailed by Numbers
-Meade's Ball's BBC holiday programme
-Fans Reunited
-Security at Falmer
-Peter Grummitt's Bright Green Gloves
-Marco van Bastard writes about rugby(?)
-The West Stand Lower has a new paparazzi
-Prog Rocks features another programme from yesteryear
-And Carter's car failed the MOT

All that and more for just £1. Wipe those tears away, look to the future, and buy TSLR. Plus, don't worry about 31 January 2012 - we haven't lost twice in a season to the scum since 1932/33 (erm, that is what we think anyway - you probably need Tim Carder to confirm that).

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