1 November 2011


We're getting too old for this blog game.  The future is in microblogging, right? Most Albion fans think that's a Greek football team, so we'll try and update this old horse now and again.

With nothing of real note to add, I remembered that I had seen a couple of new blogs started by erstwhile Seagulls with a bit of an opinion and plenty of spare time.

First, from @Marcos8189, we have If In Doubt Whack It Out; a new Blogspot effort menouvering the paradigmn of being an Amex season ticket hodler and lifelong Liverpool fan.  These sort of rice and chips supporters are an odd lot, but the guy can write and we laughed at his honest match reviews.  Too many of these blogs mimic the traditional rules of football journalism whilst forgetting it's personality and LOLS that will get you hits!  This blog falls into the latter catagory, stick it in your bookmarks.

Secondly, an old website that has come back in either phoenix from the flames or glory hunting fashion www.bhafc.net .  I remember this website from way back when (was it the Rivals website for the Albion) and as such Wilka - the seemingly lone contributor - is a name I remember.  There's a few bits t read on here since the relaunch, but it hasn't been updated since October 23rd.  Worth a look around but Wilka needs to get a bit more word-happy if this is to become popular. Follow them at @BHAFCdotnet

Let us know about your blog and we'll review them on here.

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Midfield Diamond said...

Met the If in doubt whack it out geezer while waiting for the train after Millwall, seemed a pretty switched on kid if that doesn't make me sound too much like an old fart. Good blog imho.