8 November 2011


An up-and-down trip from Manchester to Brighton in 24 hours was potentially an inappropriate way to spend my day of rest, but come 1645 on that chilly Sunday, a content glow was present in all Albionites as we huddled in the North Stand bar.

A reasonably comfortable win; style or sunstance meant little as long as we got the win, and funnily enough style and substance were not particularly abundant anyhow.  

In typical Championship style Barnsley had players who looked composed on the ball, and they passed it well enough, but apart from some nice 25-yarders, the team from a county I can't quite recall lacked the bite their nickname suggests.

Albion worked the ball a bit and took advantage of some scrappy 6-yard encounters to score at the near-perfect times of 44' and 57'.  the BBC highlights suggest that The Tykes had some good chances, but Albion were in control for large periods.

Credit to the Barnsley fans.  814 made the trip south on a Sunday  when people don't have that much money floating about, great stuff and a shame they didn't come round to the bar for a drink after the game.

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