9 November 2011


After the match on Sunday, as a few hundred fans gathered under the sprawling North-West roof for a pre-train pint, a rousing chorus of Good Old Sussex By the Sea (the Albion abridged version) was sung, at a far more gentlemanly speed, by a proud choir of fans.

GOSBTS, of course, has courted some controversy over the last few years.  Many fans have complained that it's sung too fast these days, whilst others have dutifully revised at home the original words to our famous regional anthem.

Now, a group of fans have set up a petition to lobby the club into projecting the words onto the bigscreens prior to matches.

We're endorsing this, obviously, as the old marching song means a lot to the club and fans, it means a lot to Brightonians, Hovians and all denominations of Sussex folk, plus anyone else who decides to follow us from Japan to Norway.  The song used to be sung in schools across the county, not to mention the historic military connections.  We should be proud of our unique heritage and now is a good time to get those who don't sleep with a Tim Carder book under their pillow (@swiftenburg) to get acquainted with the full version.

Click HERE to sign the petition.

News of another song reached us via a leaflet at the Amex on Sunday, more to come on that later on this week!


Anonymous said...

yes thats all great apart from one line is something like "gay men are we" wont help our homophobic cause much!

Anonymous said...

The line is 'now let your hearts be gay' and frankly Samantha, I think you should take that advice.