10 November 2011


As briefly mentioned in yesterdays post, we had some news regarding a new song.  On Sunday afternoon after the match I found this flyer (above) on the floor in the North Stand bar.

Now, this is actually a flyer promoting a song, the intriguing Brighton Magiko chant, which is perhaps a first for the Albion.  I don't know who has produced this, and upon investigation, have been told by a balaclava-clad NSK minion that it is nothing to do with them (hmmm, the logo resolution is quite good).

Anyhow, it's origin does not interest us, it's the bizarre, psy-trance flyer meets Microsoft Wordart that has got us excited.

The front features a mystic bubble affair and hypnotically invites us to point our mouses at www.brightonmagiko.co.uk, a website set-up purely to promote the song.

The back (see below) lists the words. and instructs which parts of the stadium sing at which point.  There's a also a pair of crusties dancing at the top which I'm not sure are appropriate representation of the fans (for example, long hair on men is banned in the East Stand).

It's all a bit confusing now, we'll have flyers with all sorts of songs being distributed in the concourses, then big-screen GOSBTS karaoke before the match.  "Down with this sort of thing" will be the shouts on North Stand Chat.

But how wonderfully refreshing to see fans make an effort with their own little ventures;  the more the merrier we say!  Albion now enjoy fan-run independent press, radio, blogs, websites and forums*, and this can only be a good thing.

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