29 December 2011


We've picked up a few foreign fanzines this season. And when we say foreign, we mean from outside of Sussex. First up - and from way back when we played them in September - is Red All Over the Land. This Liverpool publication has been going quite some time but it doesn't date back to the fanzine glory days being published since 1995.

For £2 (we swapped one for a TSLR though) you get 60 pages and a colour cover not available with an issue of the Love Review. Apparently they picked up a copy of TSLR032 at the League Cup match and have since been very complimentary so we better be nice. As you can see from the cover image, the picture used may be in colour but is somewhat lacking in quality. It's also an early season affair so much of the issue is a fanzine editor's nightmare as contributor after contributor details their expectations from the forthcoming season. There's a decent spread of articles, amusing cartoons/jokes and adverts which makes it all very pleasing on the eye.

RAOTL165 has a corking focus on the different regional Liverpool supporters' clubs - it's a feature that could easily be replicated in a slow news month for us later this season. One writer - the Lemon Drop Kid - takes a nice look back at 1962 in an article titled 'Kop 'n Rock' that could easily be published in a programme, fanzine or Almanac alike. It's a well researched, informative and likeable historical article, as is a great story of how a Liverpool fan hitched his way to Iceland for a European game in 1964.

Overall it's a decent, well put together fanzine. Lets face it, it's rival baiting alone makes it worth £2 and it'll be a damn site better than the official programme.

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We'll be reviewing another fanzine - When the Ball Moves, a Burnley publication - in the coming days.

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