27 December 2011


We're not stopping the regular printed fanzine or anything - that's the only good thing we do - but we are thinking about ways to read TSLR content when you haven't got one of the paper rascals to hand.

The first of these ideas, and one that is technically already available to you, is to make it easier to visit our blog on the go.

From the moment we registered our domain back in 2008 we had our heads in our hands; was it it possible for us to use a more confusing URL?

However we do normally publish a couple of shorter articles on our blog during the week so it's definatley worth checking out.

To make things easier, we have added some clever codes so a smart little TSLR app icon will appear on your homescreen so you can just press the button and boom, you're on the website.

Here's how to do it on your iPhone or iPad, it's very simple.

1. Open Safari and go to www.theseagulllovereview.com
2. Once loaded, tap the little arrow-jumping-out-of-a-box button at the bottom in the middle and select Add to Home Screen
3. You'll see the icon now, just rename the button to TSLR
4. Ta-da, it's there on your screen, impress friends and family.

To zoom in on the articles, just tap the body of text you want to read twice and your device will resize it to the size of your screen.

More news about TSLR on mobile devices, iPads and Kobo's later in the week.

Merry Christmas.

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