4 January 2012


In a most psychedelic Twitpic courtesy of hostel-bothering Danny Last - of European Football Weekends fame - we can see proof of those plucky Southamptoners goal-not-goal at The Amex last Saturday.

We won't revel in the Linesman's mistake here though, oh no, but we will think holistically about the Albion and their dealings with Lady Luck.

This is not the place for last minute goals or toilet displays rewarded with all 3 points a) because we've had loads of them and b) who cares.

What we're talking about is physical fortune; crossbars, posts, posteriors etc and officiating mishaps i.e. when we've benefited from generous decisions from the men in black.

This could be a feature in the next fanzine so get your suggestions in the comments box.

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