4 January 2012


There are many wonderful things about our new stadium and this picture (above) represents just one of them. It shows a window just behind the back row in the North Stand at the new Withers, Falmer or the American Express Community Mouthful Stadium. Earlier in the season, we were told off by a steward for looking through the window and the blind has tended to be closed since then. But what could possibly be behind the glass facade? It's situated roughly above the health centre so it could be linked to that. Or it could host one of the many offices that are situated behind the North and West stands. But we like to think it's more something like this amazing Wisbech Town apartment featured on the Who Ate All the Pies blog before the national media stole the story. Perhaps the North Stand window hosts accomodation for a one bedroomed bachelor and that's why the steward didn't want us looking in.

Things got even more exciting at our mysterious window over the festive period - it was decorated with some Christmas decorations. If it is a flat, we'll take it. TSLR Towers would be prepared to move in whenever the club wants to have us.

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