13 March 2012


As keen TSLR watchers will know, the latest issue - TSLR038 released at Falmer against Portsmouth on Saturday - featured its usual illustration on the back cover. As all of you should know, we have artistically nodded towards the Albion on the back cover since our 2008 launch (we even allowed our regular artist the front cover spot last season). In all cases between TSLR001 and TSLR037, this has been carried out by the German sounding, Brighton born Miles Lauterwasser whose blog you can find here.

However, the increasingly expensive Lauterwasser was unavailable to submit a picture for TSLR038 as he was entering a proper art competition (hark at him!).  In a pub in Leeds the other week we were shown some artwork on an iPhone that knocked our socks off. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the above illustration was sent to us by the wonderful James Walker (who remarkably stands very close to half of TSLR in Falmer's norf stand) and this is this image that adorns the back cover this month.

The 'control, touch, finish, celebration' headline for this post was Walker's explanation of the four stages of the incredible Lewis Dunk own goal at Liverpool back in February. Massive thanks to him for what is an inspiring piece of text to accompany an excellent image, replicated here in colour - on the back page of the mag in black and white only.

Whilst flogging fanzines on Saturday, someone suggested Albion fans would never want to relive moments like one of the Anfield own goals. In response I detailed how moments like these are exactly why fanzines exist. Where on earth would TSLR be had it not been for the Colin Hawkins own goal diving header and his two minute sending off cameo that took place in our very first season? And as for Fran Sandaza...

James hasn't yet created himself a blog to flog pictures like his 'four stages' piece so if you have any desire to purchase a print of this in black and white or colour - or if you have any future requests - drop us a line tslr@hotmail.co.uk or contact us through Twitter and we'll get you in contact with Walker.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Walker has been generous in his portrayal of the young defenders snout.