9 March 2012


Like noddy Albion demi-god Michel Kuipers, The Seagull Love Review is perennially let down by it's distribution. Poor old co-editor @swiftenburg and his faithful Papa are out there at the Amex each home game, swamped by the ever growing locust-like programme-peddlers, trying to flog a few fanzines to the apathetic masses. Big love to those two, and the other friends and family who help out for no reward.

Another NSC post has again attracted our attention to the issue with more fans asking where they can get one of our near-mythical publications.  We'll have a good think about this little problem over the summer.

Well here's hoping for a bit of visibility this Saturday as TSLR038, the confusingly 36th issue of the only Albion fanzine, will be released for our faux derby with a team from Hampshire.

To quote some of the sub-headers on the cover, here's some of the action in this months 'zine;

- Comedefending: The return of the own goal
- Flairmageddon: The four horsemen descend, and yet no mention of Fran Sandaza
- Pay Up Pompey: LOL Fratton Park ... Oh, no, sorry
- El-Abd: Two of our writers talk like an Egyptian
- Ticket Touts: Albion haven't attracted ticket touts for 30 years. Here's the lowdown on the Amex black market.

Still £1, which is probably the cheapest thing you can buy at our gleaming stadium, though, as pointed out by one critical buyer on the delightful message board the "last issue didn't make me chuckle or even smile wistfully".


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