21 March 2012


As we come to the end of our 4th season of publishing TSLR we have a quick look back at previous issues.  It dawned on us that man of the moment Vicente has adorned two covers; a questionable honour that no other player has received. Let's be honest too, he's likely to star on the next cover such is the Vicentomania that has a hold on Sussex.

Fans and media alike are heaping praise on the valenciano after his two assists last night, but really it's the nature of his play that is drawing in the plaudits.  Yes, we were excited when he made those fleeting appearances earlier in the season, but his performances now he is fit have been unlike anything most Albion supporters have ever seen before.

It hasn't been easy for El Punal though.  There is a distinct vulnerability about him and his character, a shyness that doesn't fit a professional with such a CV.  It's lovely to hear him talk but equally a little uncomfortable to see him work through a set of mildly-patronising questions via a steward-cum-translator after a match.  On the pitch you fear a bad challenge from a frustrated opposing player will significantly harm him, and the sight of the swarthy midfielder pulling up mid-run clutching some nemesis muscle in his leg gives you the chills.  Writers have commented that there is a link between both Albion and Vicente's phoenix like ascendancy, but I think he is here because he wants peace and quiet, a place of focus and reparation with fresh air and patient, diligent respect.

Perhaps it's this historic lack of omnipotence that gives Vicente such status right now; the bare-chested declaration after his goal against Portsmouth was his epiphany.  One does not simply run towards the cheering masses, arms outstretched, half naked and impassioned without drawing conclusion of divinity.

These are unusual times for Albion fans, let's pray our path is a righteous one.

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