23 March 2012


If you had to give up beer of watching football, which one would it be?*
In the pub over the last few nights, this question has continued to arise. Of course, I always give up the former. Well, it's a no-brainer really - Albion are in their highest league position during the month of March (early season doesn't count I'm afraid) since the 1990-91 season and we all know what happened that year: the Albion released that famous Chewit-wrapper inspired away kit. These days - under the Messiah otherwise known as Poyet - are so good that beer loses on the basis that we could just drink wine (like you can at Falmer) or vodka or something, right? Albion right now are irreplaceable.

Back from 1993 until 1997, there was no way beer would be given up in favour of watching football, if Albion could be termed as playing football back then. The same can be said for the end of the Mark McGhee reign, the return of Micky Adams and, even (with a bit of reflective consideration that I refused to believe at the time) the Russell Slade post-staying up era. But these days, beer has to go.

Which brings me to the reason of this post. My two loves consistently keep getting jealous of each other. One has me for most of the week during the day, the other has me for almost every evening. But at the new home of football - otherwise known as Falmer - my two worlds keep colliding.

On Tuesday night at our wonderful new home, it was my turn to purchase the half-time beverages. Despite standing in exactly the same spot as we always do, two TSLRites - drunk on the Gus Poyet flair-era and lucky pre-match shots - decided to return to their seats at the back of the norf stand. This left the purchasers including my good self with two pints to consume as the second half began.

This is not the first time this season that beer has stopped me watching the beginning of the second half. Admittedly, against Leeds that Friday night I refused to go back to my seat, missed a goal, then thoroughly enjoyed eating my words and watching an excellent performance as we very nearly took all three points. What was that term the first Micky Adams used to say with conviction..."keep the faith."

The obvious solution is clear. The Football Association - when they're not failing to run the game we all know and love, they may as well allow me to watch the Albion with a beer in my hand. That way, I wouldn't have to find an empty cup of Bovril, rinse it out in a toilet, pour in some Harvey's and get back in position to watch El Dagger destroy the Derby defence.

*I would give up neither, and neither should you

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Samantha said...

i totally understand as i love to get bladdered at the football, you guys in the 'norf stand' cant miss me im the 6'2" transgendered woman Samantha no mates (thats a bit unfair made a couple of good friends but neither in north stand)whose voice goes very deep when singing lol.The only thing i would say is yes let us bring a beer/cider/wine in just after half time but those weak bladdered guys drive me crazy 10 minutes in to the second half running off to the loo as it as so lets not have an open bar during the game as it would be even worse! by the way, WE ARE GOING UP, SAY WE ARE GOING UP!